• Charming villas, character houses, exceptional properties… Come and allow yourself the indulgence of a stay in one of our residences and be delighted by all the magic of the place.

From the sheet of one villa you are interested in, two solutions are presented to you: - A pdf detailed sheet with a booking form or an inquiry form to be sent back to us by mail or fax.
- Or click on the link “contact request”, a form, taking the villa’s reference into account, will be sent to us by email.
A destination manager will answer you as soon as possible.

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• Perfumes is a project of four luxurious villas located 12,43 miles away from Marrakech.

• These residences will come up to the expectations of customers in search of top-of-the-range products, both in global achievement and decoration details.

• Providing peacefulness and tranquillity in an exclusively leafy setting, they will offer an unrestricted view on Atlas. The first one, presented here on the plan, the “Opium” villa, will be built on a land of 110 868.28 ft² or so, planted with palm trees, olive trees, orange trees as well as traditional-plant species.

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• You are right in the middle of renovating or building your flat, your villa or your house, and you would like to make an original interior.

• We early intervene in your project, such as to deliver a solid visual solution including both assessment on lighting and made-to-measure furniture and net curtains, and the choice of flooring and wall-covering of your housing and the search for furniture.

• You would like to finalize the work, to give a new look to you interior, to have it full of designer furniture. Here comes what we can provide you with, seconding to the detected needs…

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